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Solutions for Developers

Connect with Investors on Finpedient

Extensive data on each of your projects and strategic data fields helps you position your project to investors and make informed decisions.

By allowing investors to make the first connection directly on the site, you only speak or hear from the investors that are interested in your specific project and keep the conversations directly on the platform.

Get access to the investors profile before you make a connection to ensure that you are only connecting with people that fit your needs.

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Chat Directly with Investors

Investors can browse your projects, like the projects that catch their eye, and send a chat request to you so you can connect with them. You can review their investor profile before accepting the chat request

Extensive Data on Surrounding Areas

See the current zoning and the community plan to understand how your projects fit in, review data from Yelp to understand the health of local businesses, and view demographics from census data

Focus on Connecting & Success

We are not an investment brokerage, a fund, or a financial institution. We are a professional network that directly connects you to investors, and uses an expert processes to greatly improve trust and success

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This post is also available in: 简体中文 繁體中文